Nice Crew History


His skill with the bow was both renowned and feared, but his poetry was and is revered. Below is an untitled piece written by Spunticus long ago, about a place and experience lost to the ages. Wracking pain Twisting insides Weakness abound Delirium rising I need to save myself I need to buy some time Gotta find the solution Before I fail this revolution That is fighting to see me die I need to escape this hell Before my soul says farewell Is there Nothing that can save me? Oh hey, Taco Bell. Hunger. _____________________ Satisfaction obtained Fulfillment received Nothing could go wrong Nothing deceived Rumble Shake Grumble Quake Panic begins to rise As fear is in my eyes You knew this would happen This is how Spunt dies Rush to sanctuary With nothing to harry Clear my schedule And all be weary My throne awaits In tainted glory Frozen seat waiting This is going to be gory Eldritch utterances Baleful curses What foul plague afflicted Does mine arse scream it's verses Woe be to the This suffering of Hell To all those who partakes Of the dreaded Taco Bell